Baaa! Press

by Michael Corbin Ray & Therese Vannier

Michael Corbin Ray’s mind is a wondrous, terrible place filled with dragons and demons and flying cars and pirates and plagues and giant robots and where the heck did he put his chainsaw? Sometimes this stuff spills out onto the page. Sometimes that makes people happy. He lives in California with two brown dogs, who keep him safe from night monsters.

Therese Vannier has been voted most likely to survive a zombie uprising, but she’s also most likely to die during the first act of any modern romantic comedy. If you ask her to select a nice, light movie for your evening entertainment, don’t be surprised if she pulls out her thoroughly deranged Sam Peckinpah box set. She’ll catch your dinner and cook it, too. She has sea water in her ears and dog hair on her shirt.


Michael Corbin Ray
Therese Vannier
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